As a meditation teacher, I am committed to offering sincere and professional instruction in the practice of meditation for relaxation and wellbeing.

Teacher Bio:

I have been practicing meditation and mindfulness for 10 years. Beginning my practice with the Victorian Tibetan Buddhist Society and undertaking teacher training with Inner Voyage Queensland. I have a solid foundation in meditation theory and practice. I practice breathing meditation daily and use a gratitude journal to foster positive thinking in my life.

I have completed studies in Population health (Women’s Health), nutrition and diet evaluation (Food Coaching), peer counseling, Critical Incident Stress intervention, relaxation massage and chair yoga.

I am a registered practitioner with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists and the International Meditation Teachers Association and as such, am committed to ongoing development, training and personal growth.

My passion is Women’s Health and Empowerment. I have spent time working with women who have complex and traumatic backgrounds including domestic violence, childhood trauma, incarceration and homelessness.

My goal, as a meditation teacher and holistic therapist, is to support women to find their inner strength and empower them to regain control over their lives and dreams.

I extensive experience as an advocate for women’s right, with my focus on access to holistic health care and the right to self-determination.

What am I offering you?


I provide casual group meditation classes and private (one-on-one) appointments. The group classes are held at Picabeen Park Mitchelton Qld , Green Hills Park Alderley Qld, and Sparkes Hill Resevoirs Stafford (Weather permitting). These casual classes focus on breath practice and participants can expect to be guided through the breath practice technique each week.

The private appointments are tailored to provide the participant with a sound foundation in meditation practice as well as providing coaching in diet, stress management, goal setting and positive thinking for overall wellness.

All classes are for women only and partners of Veterans or current serving members are very welcome.

The programs are designed to assist participants to establish a regular meditation practice, in a style that suits the individual, and to use meditation and personal growth tools to enhance and improve wellbeing.


Programs combine Buddhist traditions with modern scientific research and positive psychology theory in a non-religious format allowing for participants to gain a well-rounded perspective and approach practice.

Each class incorporates practical step-by-step guided meditation with theory so as to be accessible to beginners and casual participants.

Participants will learn how to identify stress in the body and mind, how they respond to it and how to use personal tools to manage it, reduce it and develop healthy responses to stress in daily life.

Participants will learn sport (or short) meditations, positive thinking tools, how to eat for wellbeing and some basic stretches to remove stress from the body.

All classes are small and friendly.


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